These gifts will have your dog barking for joy this holiday season!

1: A collection from 

Not sure what to get your dog for Christmas? We suggest exploring the different themed collections DOGPerfect has to offer. Your pup will get high-quality, brand name products-all for a great price. Each bag or basket comes with a huge variety of toys and treats-so there’s something your dog is guaranteed to love. Plus, you’ll also get a membership with your first purchase, giving you access to discounts on toys all year long.

Christmas Gift for Dog

2: Matching Holiday Pajamas for You and Your Dog

Fabdog has a line of matching pajama sets for you and your pup! You can now Netflix and Chill with your best friend for the perfect cozy Friday night in! The matching sets come in four different styles to choose from. Made out of 100% cotton, they have little pockets for reading glasses, a velcro closure, and are machine washable. Hurry-supplies are running out quick!


Favorite Dog Gifts

Photo credit: @hannahbeeury

3: A Snuggle Puppy

The Snuggle Puppy is a fantastic companion for your new puppy and adult dogs alike. The Snuggle Puppy has a real-feel pulsing heartbeat and heat pack that is a great source of comfort to lonely and anxious pets. If you have a new puppy that doesn’t sleep at night, the Snuggle Puppy will help your pup get a good night’s rest. It can also be used to help make crate training and your puppy’s transition home go much more smoothly.

Snuggle Puppy Pet Anxiety Solution

4: A DOG DNA Test

Not sure exactly what your dog’s lineage is but have always wondered what breed (s)  they are? Gift them with a DNA test. You can get answers to genetic questions that may help you prevent health issues down the road for your companion. While this gift may be more for you, we think it’s a pretty cool idea-especially for those pups that have been adopted and rescued. You'll learn what they’re made of, besides 100% love of course!

Dog laying upside down on bed

5: Water Resistant Dog Shoes

Protect your pup's feet from salt, ice and snow this winter with these anti-slip shoes. The water-resistant shoes keep paws dry and warm. No more wiping muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow. Helps dogs with mobility and stability on tile and hardwood floors.

dog shoes

6: A Personalized Dog Bowl

We're guessing feeding time is one of your pup's favorite parts of their day. Give them a one-of-kind dog bowl personalized in their name. These bowls from Fox & Flock come in a variety of colors.

Photo by Fox & Flock

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