With warmer temps ahead, we can’t wait to get our pups out and enjoy more outdoor walking time with them! That being said, there is a reason for the age-old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Here are some tips to help you make the most out of the warmer, and rainier, days this season!

Pick A More Relaxed Route

Due to the rainy weather, there are puddles that a car passing by could splash you and your dog, which can become chaotic especially if your dog isn’t a fan of being wet. Cars can also sound louder in this type of weather, which can give some pups more anxiety from the loud noise. Picking a quieter and less trafficked route will help the walk be more enjoyable!

Use A Safe & Sound Harness

Winnie modeling her Safe & Sound Harness

The Safe & Sound Harness is specifically made to help relieve walking anxiety through the “real-feel” heartbeat that is rested against your dog’s chest. Like we mentioned before, a pup’s anxiety could increase during a walk in the bad weather, but this harness will help avoid distractions and loud, unfamiliar noises to ensure a more comfortable walk. Click here to learn more.

Choose A Reflective Collar And/or A Reflective Leash

Your dog will be less visible to traffic in the rainy weather, especially since it is typically darker outside due to the stormy clouds. Making your dog more visible on a walk will keep them safer, you can purchase a reflective collar or leash from pet stores or online, or simply even add reflective tape to their leash to help.

Have Towels Ready at Home

Your dog is likely to get wet, and sometimes muddy, on their walk so make sure you have towels ready by the door! To help keep them dry and warm, make sure you dry them off right away, and of course that will help save the mess they may make inside the house.

Enjoy the Walk with Your Pup

Lastly, the most important part is to enjoy the walk with your dog. You already know it is raining before you leave, and most likely your dog is enjoying this walk so why not have some fun! Channel your inner child and let your dog jump in a puddle or let him chase you and give you some love even though they might have muddy paws. It’s only water, and it can be as fun as you allow it to be! Happy walking!

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