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Adding a new puppy to your family means plenty of furry cuddles — and dog training, a pet sitter, dog essentials, and more. A new report from Rover.com shows that pet parents put huge amounts of both time and money into puppy ownership, including veterinarian visits, puppy-proofing their homes, and taking time off from work.

The Cost of Getting a Puppy report includes responses from dog owners across the U.S. who have experienced the realities of bringing a new puppy home. The research revealed that the time investment of a new puppy should not be overlooked:

  • Nearly 70 percent of pet parents admitted to spending more than half of their day caring for their puppy in the first few weeks.
  • A third of dog owners said their new puppy went out for five or more bathroom breaks a day.
  • With the special attention required of a new puppy, one in five dog owners took time off work to help their puppy adjust, while 16 percent didn’t but wish they had.

See more fascinating facts in the infographic below:

Understanding puppies’ needs and how to address them early on can help owners plan and create a rewarding life together. Many pet parents revealed their puppies chewed on clothes or shoes (58%), munched on furniture (38%), ate human food (37%), and got into the trash (35%).

Additional insights from the report:

  • A quarter of pet parents say they spent more than 50 hours caring for their puppy in just the first month.
  • In the first year, 18 percent of pet parents used a dog walker or doggy daycare for their puppy.
  • The top ways pet parents puppy-proof their homes include: securing the trash, moving items out of reach, gating areas of the home, using a crate or pen while away, bundling cords and wires.

Introducing PuppyHQ

For the scoop on bonding with your puppy, providing great dog care, and raising a happy, healthy pet, Rover is also launching Puppy HQ in tandem with the report. Puppy HQ provides expert insights on puppy care and development, training tips, puppy guides, product recommendations, and even puppy name lists.

About the Report

For The Cost of Getting a Puppy, Rover.com conducted a survey in February 2019 among 1,601 U.S. adult dog owners who experienced puppyhood with their dog.

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