We understand how stressful it is for dog parents to wake up in the middle of the night to help your crying puppy in their crate. Here are some tips to help ease the anxiety of crate training your new puppy.

Snuggle Puppy

Whether they’re new to the family, or perhaps just going through a tough time, the Snuggle Puppy has been designed to provide comfort and helps stop your puppy from crying at night in their crate. It does so by mimicking their mother and/or littermates with physical warmth and a “real-feel” heartbeat, resulting in a calmer more peaceful pup.

Tire Your Pup Out

Before putting your new puppy in their crate for the night, make sure they are tired! Play a few rounds of fetch or tug-of-war and get them really engaged with you during playtime. The more tired they are before going into the crate, the better chance they have of falling asleep without crying at night.

Limit Food and Water Intake Before Bed

Make sure you limit those after-dinner snacks and sips of water when it gets close to bedtime. Of course, waking up and taking them outside for a potty break during the night is normal with any new puppy, but if their tummies aren’t super full of food or water, they won’t cry to go out multiple times throughout the night.

We hope these tips help you get some better sleep at night by helping your puppy stop crying throughout the night. We wish you and your puppy the best of luck!

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