The Snuggle Puppy was born twenty-two years ago and for over two decades has successfully reduced stress and anxiety for hundreds of thousands of dogs.

“For 22 years, the Snuggle Puppy has been a game-changer for pets and pet parents,” said Rob Emery, CEO, “We are proud to have a product that truly makes a positive impact on pet’s lives and look forward to the continued success of the Snuggle Puppy for years to come.”

The Snuggle Puppy was developed to be a natural, holistic solution to help ease loneliness, fear, and anxiety. The real-feel heartbeat and heat source mimics the warmth and intimacy dogs and puppies experience when they are with their mother and others in their pack, resulting in a calmer and more peaceful pet.

The Snuggle Puppy:

  • Provides an alternative method to calm dogs, without medication or restraints
  • Reduces negative behaviors resulting from anxiety, including whining and barking
  • Helps new puppies sleep throughout the night
  • Helps pets transition to their new home and family
  • Eases loneliness, fear and separation anxiety
  • Great to use during thunderstorms and fireworks

Since 1997, the Snuggle Puppy has evolved and improved over the years. Take a look back from 1997 to now with a brief history and images below.

The Snuggle Puppy was created in 1997, and looks very different, as you can see. A young breeder originally created the Snuggle Puppy to help her litter of puppies and eventually created the line to help as many puppies as she could. Snuggle Pet Products redesigned the Snuggle Puppy in 2001 with a longer body and stronger stitching to help make sure the product lasted for a long time. In 2012 the Snuggle Puppy was redesigned with softer fur and a slimmer heartbeat pack to fit inside better. Smartpetlove redesigned the heat pack again in 2015, and the heartbeat as well, with a new on/off button. Just this year, the Snuggle Puppy was redesigned with another updated heat pack, but also a new embroidered nose and logo to go along with the new packaging.

The Snuggle Puppy consistently gets great reviews and feedback from our customers. We love engaging and hearing all of the wonderful stories how our product has helped both the owner and their dog through the challenges they are facing. We have even received feedback on the Snuggle Puppy helping animals other than cats and dogs, including wildlife creatures like minks, flying squirrels, and more!

About smartpetlove

Our pets are more than just pets, they are family. At smartpetlove, we don’t just understand that we live it. We tap into the growing knowledge base in animal psychology to create smarter and more effective ways to care for our customers’ furry family members. We design all of our products to speak to a pet’s natural instincts in ways that alleviate anxiety, provide comfort and calm, promote play, and strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent to help create happy harmonious homes. For more information, visit us at

Contact: Anjilla Young, Director of Marketing,

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Bailey Skinner · November 17, 2019 at 7:19 PM

The Snuggle Puppy is the best thing I have ever purchased!

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