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 Dog toys make your pet happy, and a happy pet equals a happy life. Don't you agree? Our happiness line has a variety of toys that encourage playtime and fun! Regardless if your pet is 3 months old or 14 years’ young, playtime is vital to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Playing also helps strengthen the bond between the both of you. The happiness line consists of our popular tender-tuffs toys and new engaging toys that cater to your individual pet’s specific needs and likes. We have a dog toy for every pet, regardless of age, size, and activity level.

Tender-tuffs are durable toys made up of proprietary TearBlok Technology, making these the strongest, most durable plush toys in the industry.  There are a variety of categories designed to meet the needs of your pet. Explore all of them below.  Engaging toys are made up of multiple textures to keep your pet busy for longer periods of time, and are built for chewers. 

Click on each icon below to see the dog toys available in each category.  

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