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Fairfield Animal Hospital-Snuggle Puppy

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Fairfield Animal Hospital-Kelowna

Kiwi loves her new Snuggle Puppy, and just had to share the news with you! Kiwi belongs to our practice manager, Shannon. Kiwi has suffered from significant separation anxiety ever since she lost her sister Olive last year. She was accustomed to having a friend around all the time, so now if she is alone she is very out of sorts - whining and crying and trembling as soon as mom is out of her sights.

After trying a variety of calming products, Shannon decided to test out the Snuggle Puppy - a plush toy that has "heartbeat" inside! It was originally designed to help puppies transition to a new home after leaving their mom and siblings, but the Snuggle Puppy has proven to be useful for pets with separation anxiety as well!

Since getting the Snuggle Puppy, Kiwi has been much more relaxed throughout the day, often climbing on top of it to rest or nap! Everyone at Fairfield has been so delighted by her new "baby" - especially her mom. 

Jackson-Snuggle Puppy


Hi- I just wanted to show you a picture of my puppy Jackson with his “snuggles”.  If you’d like to use it, feel free.  He’s not a puppy anymore, but snuggles is still his favorite toy – 4 years later!  It’s been through the washer many times!  Thanks for a great product!



Zoe-Snuggle Puppy



Just wanted to share that I am a very proud Snuggle Puppy owner!  I rarely go to this effort to give a review, but this is such an amazing product that I simply want to thank you for the thought and love that obviously went into the design of the Snuggle Puppy.  I am a delighted new puppy parent, and while I would love to claim solid parenting for our baby girl sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old--I can't without giving full credit to the Snuggle Puppy! Ingenious! Crate training, sleeping and calming easily accomplished by this ONE crafty purchase.  This spoiled little golden child has more toys than I'd care to admit, but THIS is our must-have.  Thank you for such a thoughtful puppy product!

Bree  and Zoë

Tonya-Safe & Sound Harness


Our dachsund was TERRIBLY afraid of thunderstorms & would whine until we brought him in bed with us. We would try to hold him, but he would squirm, jump off the bed, then whine to get back up. We would get NO SLEEP. We bought the Safe & Sound Harness at our local, specialty pet supply store, (Earthwise Pet in Southlake, Tx) at the recommendation of the store owner. Our harness says "Snugglepuppie Safe" on it. We got it sometime in early 2016. It has COMPLETELY solved this problem !! He still wants in bed with us, but he is calm & we can actually sleep until the storm passes & we put him back in his bed. I'm writing this review because a storm just started here & I wanted to put a link to this product on the dachsund social media sites I'm a member of. Also, we just put the harness on him as the storm started & he is perfectly calm. I will say this perfectly calm state he experiences now took a little while, maybe a month or two, so just be patient. This product is a lifesaver for us & I highly recommend it. Thanks.

Snuggle Puppy-Chloe


"As promised, attached is a pic of my Chloe with her Snuggle Puppie. Chloe was 12yrs old on 4/29/14. Everyone loves her. Chloe is one of the special ones. Her pup has been a loyal companion to her and has survived for all of those 12 years, especially comforting to her during the puppy days. Thank you for providing such a great product & the interest you've shown to Chloe.

Sincerely, S.C.

P.S. My daughter has ordered a pup for her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel 9 wk old puppy!"

Snuggle Puppy-Tessa


"I got Tessa a snuggle puppy and she is so in love!-Carly C."



Snuggle Puppy-Kori

Kori Scotland

Saturday the Snuggle Puppy arrived. My wife was delighted to adopt another pet!

"The next day we had lots of thunder. My greyhound mix, Kori, has a real issue with the sound of thunder. She is on medication for frequent seizures so we are always concerned that stress or loud noises will set one off. Usually when we have thunder (which in this part of Florida is nearly every day in the summer)  Kori, curls up next to one of us and starts shaking uncontrollably. We normally put a hand on her back and try to comfort her. When the storms started Sunday, we put the newly adopted Snuggle Puppy (with the heartbeat activated) right on her back. She calmed down immediately and was comforted for the several hours of thunder.

T., Kori and myself thank you!


Snuggle Puppy-Pearl


"Pearl loves her new Snuggle Puppy-RG"

Snuggle Puppy-Emrys

Emrys Norway

"I send you a photo from Norway of my samoyed, Emrys, with his Snuggle Puppy. He still loves it after 2 years.Greetings from H. Storsveen. Norway"

Snuggle Puppy-Badgers


"I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what else your snuggle puppies get used for in a wildlife hospital in the UK!! Very successfully too."

Snuggle Blanket-Stewie


"My boyfriend and I met you last weekend at Meet the Breeds. We were attracted to the high quality of your products and the care that you have for animals. We purchased a bed and blanket for our pug Stewie. He loves his new bed and blanket so much that he does not want to depart from them. Thank you so much for making something so great!"


Snuggle Puppy-Daisy


"Daisy is so active when she first gets up and so calm when she sleeps with her snuggle puppy. She is incredibly loveable. Thanks for all your help. --Nancy"

Snuggle Puppy-Abby


Abby Louise is 17 years old and has dementia. Sometimes it is hard for her to settle down and go to sleep. We were piling stuffed animals all around her. This would let her sleep an hour or two. Then that didn't work. I was in Pet Smart and saw your Snuggle Puppy. The manager said it worked wonderfully with her kittens. I took it home. This puppy is amazing. I just put her on a pillow, give ABBY her "Baby" and within seconds she is asleep. The best part is she gets good sleep, and now she sleeps most of the night, so, so do I! 

If you have a companion, no matter what age, that has trouble settling in, this might just be the answer. AND the batteries really did last about 2 months!

Thank you so much for thinking of this.


Michele and Abby Louise Harney, and the other kids, too!

Snuggle Puppy-Emily


"I am sending you a picture (one of many I have taken!) of my 12 week old apricot pug, "Emily" with her Snuggle Puppy.

Thank you again.

Snuggle Puppy-Carl


"Carl is really enjoying his friend!"



Snuggle Puppy-Casey


"Here is "Casey" our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cuddling with his Snuggle Puppy at three months old. At two and three quarters years old, still loving his Snuggle Puppy. My family and I are so impressed with your great customer service" - JW

Snuggle Puppy-Walter

Walter Scotland

"Thank you so much for all your help with Walter. Walter had separation anxiety as a puppy and your guidance on how to help him adjust to Lilly was SPOT ON! He absolutely loves her and carries her around and when he is not with me, which is not often, he is FINE with her. He does not need the heartbeat anymore, but when I really need him to behave or leave longer than 3-4 hours, I add it for extra comfort. Walter is very precious to me and "Lilly" is his second best friend! He carries her, bites her, throws her around, drags her outside, and poor Lilly as really held up extremely well--even with all the baths she gets!!! I would recommend a snuggle pet to ANYONE for their furry friend, for any reason!!!!! :0)"

Snuggle Puppy-Rocky


"Our 9 1/2 week old Shih Poo Rocky "loves" his Snuggle Buddy. He plays with him every morning, and sleeps with him at every nap time and through the night. What a great product! I recommend it to everyone.-P&M"

Snuggle Puppy-Buck


"I have been meaning to send you the attached photo of "Buck".. I gave my friend a Snuggle Puppy and a sample of the harness... Anyway she said that Buck carries his baby around the house with him everywhere, sleeps with him at night and grabs him first thing when he comes back in the house."

Snuggle Puppy-Indigo


"Thought you'd enjoy seeing our 4 month old Blue Great Dane.....Indigo has had your snuggle puppy sleeping with her every night since she came to us at 8 weeks. She never tosses it around or chews on it like she does with her other toys. Her heartbeat puppy is her sleeping friend. Transition from sleeping in a puppy pile (she was one in a litter of 10) to being an "only" puppy in our household went without a hitch."

Snuggle Puppy-Axle


"We just brought home our new puppy Axel. We brought his Snuggle Puppy when we picked him up. He has not whined once! He loves his snuggle puppy! - B.C."

Snuggle Puppy-Sara


"Sara and her baby. She loves it! Thanks again! --BS"

Snuggle Puppy-Nelly


"Here is a picture of my Golden Retriever, Nelly, with her Snuggle Puppy. Nelly is 3 years old now and still loves her puppy. I have gotten Snuggle Puppies for all my pups over the years, the last one being the Black Lab for my black Lab, Hanna. Glad to see you have a Golden one now. Next time I get a Golden pup I'll have to order one. My dogs have never torn up their Snuggle Puppies. Over the years, they have torn up countless other stuffed toys - but never their Snuggles. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Snuggle Puppy-Mia


"Thank you so much.. Since I got my puppy Mia she has never cried in her sleep... AMAZING!! Thank you so much, here are some pictures of Mia. -CC"


Snuggle Puppy-Dakota


"My Labradoodle, Dakota has had a Brown Mutt since she was 8 weeks old. I am sending photo for you to see how much she loves "puppy". Dakota turns 2 in January, but this is still my favorite photo of her. She has loved two puppies to pieces. Shhh, it is her Christmas present!"

Snuggle Puppy-Marty

Marty Scotland

"Hi my 9 week old newfoundland puppy Marty loves his snuggle puppy the heartbeat is very realistic, thanks for a good night sleep (him and us).-From Steven in Scotland"


Snuggle Puppy-Captain


Captain loves his new Snuggle Puppy! We received our Snuggle Puppy in the mail a few days ago, and I've caught him laying on it in quite a few places. I use the rice bag that comes with the Snuggle Puppy every evening, and I find Captain snuggling up to it. I am so sure this winter is he is going to love it more. Here are a few photos of Captain and his new buddy!

Snuggle Blanket-Mimi and Zeke

Meme and Zeke

"Thought you might like this!Cute huh!"

Snuggle Kitty-New Kittens

New Kittens

"I received my Snuggle Kitty in the mail yesterday. I ordered Snuggle Kitty when we only had one bottle baby, but now we have two, who are also a little sick. Snuggle Kitty comforts Ollie (top) and Brockie them since their mama abandoned them. Excellent product, we are extremely pleased. Thank-you!"

Snuggle Puppy-Casey


"Here is "Casey" our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cuddling with his Snuggle Puppy at three months old. At two and three quarters years old, still loving his Snuggle Puppy. My family and I are so impressed with your great customer service" - JW

Snuggle Puppy-Dixie Girl

Dixie Girl

"After losing her nine year old sister, Dixie finds a great deal of comfort with her new snuggle puppy. Now she's back to her good old self. --JM"

Snuggle Puppy-Joey the Kangaroo

Joey the Kangaroo North/North East Native Animal Rescue, Tasmania

...We are a small group of volunteers whose aim is to nurse injured and orphaned native animals back to health with the aim of releasing them back into the wild. Any expenses we have are covered by us as we get no funding or help from the government. We greatly appreciate any donations to help us cover the cost of milk, vet bills, housing, bottles, teats, heating and much more. What we do is truly a labour of love and the personal satisfaction we get when our babies bound off into the bush is what it's all about. North/North East Native Animal Rescue, Tasmania

Snuggle Puppy-Jack


Jack loves his snuggle puppy Dolly. He sleeps with it in his crate and brings it out with him in the morning if he forgets it, it's the first place he goes to get it when we come back inside from potty time. I was concerned because it says it's not a toy. But after reading reviews I feel better that he carries this snuggle puppy everywhere he is very attached to it. Love that it is washable. 💜

Snuggle Puppy-Moose


"I just wanted to relay a story about your Snuggle Puppy item. Our Golden Retriever, Adirondack Moose, came from the breeder with his very own. From the very start he was very attached to his Baby Brudder. Every night he takes him, places it between his front paws, licks his head, and strokes the sides of its head, until he falls asleep. It is truly his pacifier. Moose is now 18 mths old and this is still a nightly ritual, ending with his sleeping with him. He has destroyed countless toys but never his Brudder and gets very anxious whenever it has to go into wash. I was thrilled to find your site so that when we need to replace him, we can.

Thank you for such a great product.

I have included a picture of Moose with his Baby Brudder. -- LP"